PHP Operators and Expression Explanation

Operator and operand collectively makes expression. Basically no PHP program is possible without operator and expression. So, a newbie PHP programmer should have proper knowledge on PHP operators and expression. The more we be expert on PHP operators, the more we be smart on PHP programming. So, there is no alternative to have strong knowledge on PHP operators if we want to be a smart PHP programmer. In my previous article I explained PHP data types and variable. In this article I will discuss PHP Operators and Expression elaborately. PHP Operators Operators are used to make an expression which provides a meaningful result to process any algorithm in PHP programming. The following line is a simple example on PHP operator.  6+4=10 Here, 6, 4 and 10 are operands and plus sign (+) and equal sign are operators. All are making an expression together and providing a result which can be used further algorithm processing. Kinds of Operator in PHP Like other programming language, various kinds of operators are used in PHP language. The following eight kinds of operators are usually used in PHP programming language. Arithmetic Operator Increment and Decrement Operator Assignment Operator Comparison or Relational Operator Concatenation Operator Logical […]

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