PHP Conditional Statements Explanation

Conditional Statements are frequently used subject in PHP programming language. No single PHP program can be possible without conditional statements. So, a newbie programmer should have better understanding on PHP conditional statements. Conditional statements are mainly used to take various logical decisions in PHP programming and PHP relational operators are frequently used in PHP conditional statements. In my previous article I explained PHP operators and expression and in this article I will discuss PHP Conditional Statements elaborately.  Conditional Statements in PHP Actually no program is possible without conditional statements. So, like other programming language conditional statements are also used in PHP programming language. PHP Conditional Statements can be divided into the following five categories. PHP if clause or if condition PHP if else condition PHP nested if else condition PHP else if ladder or multiple else if condition PHP switch case condition PHP if Clause PHP if condition is used to check a single condition. PHP if clause is trigger when its expression becomes true. PHP if conditional statement is expressed like the following structure.  if(expression){// The body of if clause goes here}ORif(expression) :// the body of if statement goes hereendif; The above structure says, if the expression becomes true, […]

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