PHP Function Explanation

Real power of a programming language comes from its functions. More than 1000 built-in functions defined in PHP language prove the power of PHP language. Besides built-in function PHP has capability to declare user defined function like other programming language. So, PHP becomes a dominating programming language having a number of built-in functions and user defined function capability. A newbie PHP programmer should have enough skill on PHP functions along with other PHP basic items because PHP program frequently uses built-in function as well as user defined function. In my previous article I explained PHP loop statements elaborately and in this article I will discuss details on PHP functions.     PHP Function A function is a block of statement that takes one or more input values in form of argument and does some processing and then returns a value. PHP function can be divided into the following two categories. Built-in function User defined function PHP Built-in Function Built-in functions are those functions whose definition is predefined in PHP. More than thousands of built-in functions are present in PHP. Built-in function has predefined arguments and return that we have to know before usage. If you do practice regularly, you will able to […]

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