PHP Loop Statements Explanation

Loop statements are important topics in PHP programming language. Like other programming languages PHP loop statements are frequently used in PHP programming.So, those who want to be expert on PHP programming should be expert enough on PHP loop statements. PHP loop statement is used to iterate the body of loop statement until the condition of the loop statement becomes false. In my previous article I explained PHP conditional statements and in this article I will discuss PHP loop statements elaborately. Looping Statements in PHP Various types of loop statements are used in PHP programming for different purposes. There are four types of looping statements in PHP. PHP for Loop PHP while Loop PHP do while Loop and PHP foreach Loop Every PHP loop statement has three parts. The following listing is a summary of these three parts.  Initialization part: It maintains the starting point of a loop statement. Condition part: It maintains the life of a loop statement. That means, the condition part takes decision how many times the loop will be continue. Increment or Decrement part: The increment or decrement part increases or decreases the starting point. PHP for loop PHP for loop is a frequently used looping statement […]

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