Function Call by Value and Call by Reference in PHP

PHP Function call by value and call by reference with example

More than thousands of built-in functions prove the power of PHP Language. Besides built-in function PHP allows to create user defined function. How to create user defined function with example was explained in previous article. I also explained how to use variables inside a PHP function properly. Function call by value and call by reference […]

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PHP Variable Usage inside of Function

PHP Variables in Function

Besides more than thousands of built-in functions PHP provides facility to define custom/user defined function. Basic expression to define a custom function and calling a custom function was discussed in previous article. Variable plays an important role in PHP function. PHP function typically has local, global and static variables. A PHP programmer should know how […]

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PHP Conditional Statements Explanation

PHP Conditional Statement

Conditional Statements are frequently used subject in PHP programming language. No single PHP program can be possible without conditional statements. So, a newbie programmer should have better understanding on PHP conditional statements. Conditional statements are mainly used to take various logical decisions in PHP programming and PHP relational operators are frequently used in PHP conditional […]

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